Friday, May 04, 2007

What the DLSE really hopes to gain from the blogger they want the blogger's sources so more retaliation can begin

The blogger has been deposed by the DLSE. The DLSE, in their infinite wisdom, also deposed one of their very own employees. Typically, the DLSE only needs to depose adversarial subjects (like the blogger); otherwise, the DLSE would just ask their own employees some questions without running up attorneys' & court reporter's fees. Judging by the questions asked & the direction the DLSE had hoped for, it seems that the DLSE seems hell-bent on finding out the sources of information so they can begin their retaliation against those who had dared to speak the truth.
It also seems that they really don't give a sh*t about the blog, but they really give a sh*t about who's talking to the blogger. How many more taxpayer dollars must be spent by the DLSE to deal with this blog, versus the millions of dollars that are being wasted on that sh*tty CMS program the DLSE is shoving down everyone's throats? The Santa Ana office? Still no safety barrier...just a lame, monthly handjob progress update.
When Chief Desk Donkey Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones has no taxpayer fiscal accountability, then he's free to spend the public's money like a drunken sailor. It appears that he has no internal stop controls within him that might whisper, "this is not good for the people of California-so don't do it." This ass-clown guy could have settled with the blogger in June-2006, but Jones seems to think that intimidation and retaliation are positive character traits (maybe at his trailer park, but not in public service). Jones had a second opportunity to have settled with the blogger in February-2007, but Jones' decision just came across as just some *sshole trying to intimidate some idiot blogger.
Well, June 4th will be here sooner than later. I have no doubt that Robert Jones will walk his previous path and will continue to make bad decisions on behalf of California taxpayers that reflect his abuse of authority, waste taxpayer dollars, and perpetuate his fraud upon California by not having the decency to be judged by the Senate confirmation process (yet remaining in his cowardly capacity as "Acting" Labor Commissioner).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site certainly exposes some of the incompetent and watefull ways that the DLSE unit operates. The exposure of the expensive and non functional CMS computer system is the best example.

5/07/2007 7:22 AM  

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