Thursday, May 24, 2007

baby in diapers Robert Jones crawls away like a scared little infant when served with ACLU paperwork. (click on pic to enlarge)

What kind of a lawyer would attempt to eliminate the free speech of others? Robert Jones is unfit to serve the people of California, and he's especially unfit to serve the people working in the DLSE.
It's been commented to me that I'm smart, I can hire outside counsel, and I stand up for my rights. Think of all the people that the DLSE is screwing over who are not smart, who cannot hire their own counsel, and who cannot stand up for themselves.
If they can do this to me, then what do you think they are doing to people who can't afford counsel? What do you think they are doing to those who are not smart & educated? What do you think that the Robert Jones administration is doing to those that cannot stand up for themselves?
Robert Jones was totally prepared to strip away his subordinates' freedom to speak...until the ACLU became involved. Once the ACLU served him, the coward ran away, showing the world that he had no conviction in the illegal gag order he issued. The level of a person's character & integrity is what that person does when no one is looking. It seems that this guy tries to take every opportunity to screw over the workers of California, his own staff, and for what? For John Rea and Vicky Bradshaw to give him a reach-around?


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