Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Performance Appraisal Summary for DLSE Management...since they're in the mood to evaluate others...

1) DLSE has the budget for their management, yet claims no budget for a safety barrier.
2) EEEC task force productivity statistics? Total joke...given the amount of money thrown at it.
3) CMS? Total joke, given the amount of money thrown at it.
4) Lauro and/or Susan retaliation against one of their own? The victim escaped, but no adverse action against those who retaliated.
5) Diana Chen hiring a smaller version of herself for Santa Ana? I thought the Bureau of Field Enforcement needed Spanish speakers in Santa Ana.
6) Hearing Officer Vicki Tamoush hookin' up her translater friend while simultaneously & untimely delaying wage claim hearings.
7) DLSE management rigging the DLC III exam and thus undermining the very core of state civil service exams.
8) DLSE management delaying the DLC IV exam because they don't like anyone who adhered to the first application deadline...once again, rigging the system and undermining the very core of the state civil service exam process.
9) DLSE refusing to enact policies that the division needs while simultaneously drafting useless policies that are never used.
10) DIR's Civil Right's Office outsourcing their lame-ass, no-evidence-required investigation to a DLSE wage claim supervisor, then cowardly retreating back into their cave without so much as an apology to the one who was publicly accused of such allegations.
11) Acting Commissioner Robert Jones and the assorted other jackasses who are failing to earn their paychecks and failing to serve the people of California by not furthering the mission of the DLSE with their pursuit of an off-duty blog/blogger. The more taxpayer-paid state time they spend with the blogger, the less time they have to fulfill the mission of the DLSE. This alone should be an adverse action offense.


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