Monday, March 05, 2007

Who set up Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz to take the fall on June 4th? Was it Greg Rupp, Anthony Mischel, or Robert Jones?

Greg Rupp got passed over for promotion & Lupe Almaraz got the job that Greg (probably) felt that he deserved. Did he secretly blame Lupe? Maybe. Was Greg upset that he was to remain an Asst. Chief until he put in his retirement papers? Probably. Was Greg frustrated that all of his years as the loyal DLSE disciplinarian (still) didn't get him the promotion? Perhaps.
If Lupe did not properly gaurd himself against such a subordinate's possible sabotage, then Lupe has much to learn about state service and those who master such games. Does Lupe not understand the Jose & David connection, the Susan and Roger connection, the Bill & Greg connection, the Abby & Greg connection, the Greg & Anthony connection, the Susan & Art connection, the Jose & Vicky connection, and the numerous other DLSE connections? These connections are called the SOCIAL NETWORK ORGANIZATION CHARTS.
Robert Jones enters the DLSE-not knowing the players, so who does he rely upon? Probably Anthony Mischel, who is the legal arm of the do-nothings. Who does Anthony Mischel pal around with? You guessed it, the enforcement arm of the do-nothings: Greg Rupp. Lupe Almaraz, having just been promoted from a DLC III, needs help. Who helps him? Greg Rupp, the DLSE disciplinarian. Since Lupe now has Greg's promotion, I'm sure that Greg didn't harbor any grudges! Greg doesn't hold grudges, does he?
Here's my theory: Greg Rupp's still licking his wounds from being passed over for promotion because they gave it to Lupe Almaraz. Robert Jones needs advice, so he turns to Anthony Mischel. Rupp does his bit on Almaraz while Mischel works on Jones. By the time Jones and Almaraz compare notes, the both of them are corroborating the same info spun by the experienced DLSE spin doctors. They have Jones & Almaraz believing that the blogger must be eliminated---at all costs! By the time the blogger's appeals are heard, Rupp & Mischel are retired & damage control remains for the lawyers who now must defend the DLSE's actions. Rupp & Mischel make the mess, and someone else cleans it up. Hopefully Jones and Almaraz were smart enough not to have been played like that.
Lupe Almaraz signs the memo that caused the current lawsuit naming him as the Defendant, but who really wrote the memo? Greg Rupp likes to imagine himself as someone important. To be considered "important," one must do more than take naps and stare blankly at a computer screen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right. Lupe is a great guy and I have always known him to be a straight shooter. He is at the moment swimming with the sharks without any protection. Look at the past to predict the future. Nancy got royalty shafted by Jose and Vicki, Roger Miller got shafted by Rupp and Vicki, Rupp got shafted by Dorame and Jose and it goes on and on.Good Luck Lupe!

3/06/2007 10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about that Chung King guy; you know the one that would drop in on his pals in Chinatown then disappear into the back rooms with them, then Chung King could be heard laughing hysterically and hollering like the birthday boy. You know where this is going. In comparison your blog commentaries are minor. I have good radar; ofc. techs / DLC's leaking news out to "consultants" about DLSE programs, conficential personnel data, etc. Forget network politics, work together and get rid of corruption in the office (LA / OC / SF).

3/20/2008 3:52 PM  

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