Thursday, March 01, 2007

Greg Rupp hangs for thirty minutes with Jorge Gomez at Santa Ana office. Why, since Greg is not part of Jorge's chain of command?

Greg-in his ever "I'm the division's daddy & I do the spankings around here," emerged from his usual Los Angeles digs & spoke with Santa Ana office supervisor Jorge Gomez. Whatever was discussed had to be done face-to-face: not over the email and not over the phone...very much like Tony Soprano.
Greg Rupp comes nowhere near Jorge Gomez's chain of command. Jorge's boss is Abby Calva, and her boss is Lupe Almaraz. From there, Lupe takes his orders from Robert Jones. Why Greg is ordering Jorge and why Jorge is obeying Greg's order remains a mystery: neither of them are talking. Greg will probably spew forth some "official state investigation blah blah blah" if prodded. This is what Greg does best (second only to napping at his desk): find a way to jackpot someone he dislikes and tries his best to make the charges stick. Although, it seems quite suspicious that Greg Rupp must inform Jorge that there's an investigation against one of Jorge's own...if didn't Jorge know about it, how bad could it be?
Maybe it's just Greg Rupp, looking for some payback.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is typical of the micro-management style of the division. Jorge Gomez, Senior Deputy is a capable manager and should be allowed to run his office without outside interference. The problems as outlined on this blog site has nothing to do with the way Jorge is running the Santa Ana Office. Jorge has been begging for a security barrier since he arrived at this office over 10 years ago. Instead we get the old "there is no money in the budget for it". Well, there sure is enough money in the budget for expenditures of $30,000 and above for statewide senior meetings and state wide Hearing Officer training. The latest excuse is that General Services has been sitting on the request for a security barrier for one and a half years. The credibility of this department is at an all time low and this is being pointed out on a weekly basis on this blog site. Instead of fixing the problems, they would rather get rid of the blogger. Shame,shame on management. Management still hasn't done anything about a present state employee who has wrecked a state car and has a list of DUI'S. Instead of firing David Dorame, the past Labor Commissioner and the God Father to Dorame's kids promoted him twice.Now we have the enforcer (Greg Rupp) being sent to the Santa Ana Office by upper managemt to put pressure on Jorge Gomez to squash all the complaints by his staff about the security problem.Where is 60 minutes when you need them? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/01/2007 7:56 PM  
Anonymous DEEP THROAT said...

It's true. Jose Millan, past labor commissioner is the godfather to David Dorame's children. The background investigation of Dorame indicated that he had covered up crashing a state vehicle (truck) while intoxicated as well as other DUI arrests. This report recommended that he should not be put in an investigative or management position at DLSE. This recommendation was ignored by Jose Millan and Dorame was subsequently promoted twice. It's amazing that all this happened under the watchful eye of Vicki Bradshaw. Start putting all the dots together and you will have a best seller.

3/01/2007 11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Greg showed Jorge his gun.He likes his gun you know. In LA he loves to take off his coat and show off his gun. The only problem is that Greg has become a little shakey in his old age.I suggest that management replace his handgun with a Uzi.This way he has a chance of hitting his target. I'm sure there is enough funds in the budget for a uzi if they can only delay that damn security barrier in the Santa Ana Office.

3/02/2007 11:50 AM  

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