Thursday, March 01, 2007

This is how smart DLSE lawyer Richard Munoz is (or isn't?)

A motion for summary judgment is a motion that contends there are no undisputed material facts and one side should win on the law. They have to be heard at least 30 days before the trial and require 75 days notice. Since the trial is June 4, the time has expired. Munoz cannot add 30+75 and count backwards from June 4th? And the State of California says he can practice law? Someone buy that guy a calculator and help him out: he's gonna need it.
Munoz wanted to file a motion for summary judgment & thus waste more of the court's time, but the brainiac blew the deadline! I should have given him another opportunity to piss off the judge with his weak arguments, but I don't want to waste the court's's too bad they couldn't settle this by promising not to harass me (they agreed to paying my legal fees).
There are undisputed material facts, like them saying that protected speech isn't protected or them saying that there is an office disruption, except for the fact that Rupp-Jones-Almaraz-Rea-Bradshaw or whoever ordered peace officer Lee Pearson on the blogger snipe hunt and halted DLSE operations by soliciting complaints (except for Diana Chen, she complains...a lot). That's fine: Vicky Bradshaw's agency has a history of losing in a real court, this should be no different.


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