Monday, March 05, 2007

1. Why are Acting Commissioner Jones and Deputy Chief Almaraz using their investigative powers against an off-duty blog and not CMS?

2. Why can't Acting Commissioner Jones and Deputy Chief Almaraz appropriate funds to a Santa Ana safety barrier, but they have funds for multiple-day supervisor meetings in Irvine and for Hearing Officer training in Burbank?
3. Why have Acting Commissioner Jones and Deputy Chief Almaraz diverted state resources towards investigating a blogger, but have done nothing to a known Hearing Officer who unreasonably delays Spanish-speaking wage claims so her buddy can reap a financial benefit?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throughout the state, everyone knows by now that the renegade hearing officer in the Santa Ana District Office is Vicki Tamoush. She has been delaying spanish speaking claims for years in order for her school teacher freind to have (30) days of translating during her Winter and Summer recess. That's big money at $45/hr. Tamoush has also been called on the carpet for abusing her powers during her hearings. Numerous attorney's in Orange County requests other hearing officers when they see her name on the NOH. Where is the civil rights unit when (2) white women are screwing the hell out of the poor hispanics for monetary gains? Where the hell is headquarters when numerous complaints (verified by hearing tapes) are filed against a hearing officer for abuse of power? Now this hearing officer has been transferred to the Van Nuys Office on a part time basis and is demanding lap top computers, special working hours etc., special equipment and this is for two weeks out of every month. I say let's transfer her pemanently and save the state some money. We could use that money for a security barrier in the Santa Ana Office. Oops, I forgot, there is no money in the budget for a security barrier.

3/05/2007 11:52 AM  

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