Saturday, March 03, 2007

The DLSE's at it again...protecting their favorites and witch-hunting their unfavorites

Assistant Chief Greg Rupp had better review his 2006 arbitration testimony very, very carefully. That testimony was taken under oath, where he describes the internal investigation process...being that he's the DLSE's Spanker. He can discuss how he failed to act in the DLSE Hearing Officer Vicki Tamoush translater allegations, he can explain what happened to the DLSE Hearing Officer Jim Jackson investigation, he can explain the ongoing "let's terminate the blogger" investigation, and he can explain why his peace officer subordinate (Senior Special Investigator) Lee Pearson conducts the supervisor Diana Chen performance appraisal summaries and how his buddy Bill Egan (coincidentally!) got the only Diana Chen evaluation re-write! Greg Rupp "selects" who to investigate and "selects" which evidence to inspect. A word like 'exculpatory' isn't part of Rupp's investigation. Labor Standards has no Labor Standards.
Greg Rupp does whatever he wants because he's accountable to no one...maybe sworn testimony and a court of law will help straighten things out.


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