Monday, March 05, 2007

CMS = multi-million dollar taxpayer paid waste/fraud/abuse? (click link to read comment)

On February 10, 2007 at 12:34PM, anonymous commented:
"As a computer analyst, I could see major problems before singing of the multi million dollars contract to use Hanson COTS for DLSE CMS project. Any technical staff would have known that COTS are designed to automate simple and routine works and are not suitable for complex and unique DLSE diverse tasks. For CMS to be successful, it required extensive if not impossible modifications to the Hanson COTS core structure. The DIR IS Unit under direction of Jim Culbeaux and Leslie Clement were instrumental in pushing for this COTS Hanson and therefore the consequent CMS failure and wasteful taxpayer expenditure on this project.
DIR and IS Unit are at it again pushing another COTS program for the DWC Division System. At this point, this project is projected to cost over $44 million dollars!! I hope there will be real oversight on awarding and implementing this project. Another failure with the DWC COTS project will make the DLSE CMS fiasco like a small potato.
Ps. See more technical issues with the CMS product and will post them accordingly."
BLOGGER'S NOTE: the taxpayers are not 'shills' or 'marks' to be used in some horrific ponzi scheme; they deserve better than this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a user of the CMS to do my daily work, I can attest to the fact that CMS doesn’t work and it is a total waste of the taxpayers money. It takes me more than twice the time to get the same amount of work done using CMS compare to the previous system, and many times the forms are incorrect. Furthermore, we still have to rely on the previous computer system to access our data. So in a sense we are using two computer systems to do the same amount of work with half the efficiency. The CMS was sold to DLSE to improve our Division efficiency!

The CMS should be thrown out and people in charge of this project should be held responsible, and the State should get his money back from the contractor. This system simply doesn’t work…..

3/06/2007 6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The logical questions to ask about the CMS project are; who pushed the Hanson COTS as DLSE computer system, who evaluated and signed the CMS project contract, and who managed the CMS project.
Now, it is an established fact that the CMS doesn’t measure up nearly to what it was initially sold to the DLSE Division. It is also documented that the CMS project was technically evaluated and approved by the DIR IS headed by the DIR CIO.

It is simply adding 2 + 2 to get the answers to the above questions.

3/06/2007 4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site really tells the truth about the failures of the CMS computer system. I am hearing that the Hanson contractors and IS are trying to put extensive patches on the CMS so that at least some of the DLSE legal forms can be printed correctly. I also hear that some incorrect reports coming out of the CMS. What I don’t know is whether this is the actual CMS system that the State paid for it millions of $$$. Since, if these types forms go to the public, it is not only embarrassing for DLSE, but could cause legal liability for the State.

3/12/2007 3:05 PM  

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