Thursday, October 26, 2006

Results of DLSE supervisor exam: 4 people scored 73 and 21 people scored 70: what's that smell?

How is it that there is only one set of scores, a 73 and a 70? How is that possible with 25 different people taking the test?
Q. What do you call it when 21 people receive the same score on a DLSE supervisor test?
A. You tell me: a Sham? a Joke? The test was Fixed? Those 21 test takers cheated off each other with a C- answer key?
This bullsh*t, joke of an exam happened on wanna-be Labor Commissioner Robert Jones' watch, but you'll never see him get in front of it: that would take integrity, accountability, and honor. We all know that wanna-be Labor Commissioner Robert Jones checked his honor and integrity at the door when Jose and Vicky pimped him out for that termination job he did on Miles Locker.What he'll do is lay back and wait for people to fight it, then he'll deny it, then he'll try to settle it. How much money is going to be spent trying to unscrew this cluster? He can deny it all he wants, but at the end of the day, the buck stops with the official wanna-be Labor Commissioner Robert Jones: he also moonlights for the DLSE as their Chief Counsel. Maybe he'll need a lawyer.
To put it another way: your child comes home from a very important test, and you find out they scored a 70. Afterwards, you also discover that 20 other students received the same score of 70. You think a parent-teacher conference might be in order? The other 4 students scored a 73, so what the hell happened? Is this a failure of the system, the teacher who scored the test, the test questions, or to hear the (possible) excuse of the DLSE...the problem is with the students who scored so low.
21 people receiving the same score without so much as a 71 or a 72 sandwiched in between those 4 smarties who scored a 73. These 25 people are the only ones who considered the promotion: a promotion that will suck anyway because one of the vacancies is replacing David Dorame on that pretarded EEEC task force that Jose Millan renamed from TIPP. Jose Millan slithers his way back into the halls of DLSE and then-all of the sudden-they create this new bullsh*t position of "Director" of this pretarded task force. He needs a DLC III to micromanage; hopefully the winner of this DLC III position will love alcohol as much as Dave. Once again, Labor Standards has no Labor Standards.


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