Monday, October 09, 2006

"If you want to know what's wrong with the business, ask the front line." - Jim Donald, CEO/President of Starbucks (Fortune magazine, 10/16/06)

Lupe Almaraz, John Rea, Greg Rupp, Bobbie Jones, and the biggest bureaucrat of them all - Vicky Bradshaw not only cannot manage, but they also manage badly. Before Jose Millan went to become a Vice Desk Donkey at Kiddie Kollege, he carried Vicky Bradshaw's water at LWDA and DLSE for the longest time. A little birdie told me that before Vicky Bradshaw became a public servant, she worked for three businesses that went bankrupt. How is it that this cream floats to the top of Labor Standards?

The managers cannot/will not do their jobs because they are so focused on carrying the water for their bosses...Lauro Cons carries Susan Nakagama's water. Susan Nakagama definitely carried Roger Miller and Art Lujan's water. Greg Rupp carries Lupe Almaraz's water. Lupe Almaraz carries Robert Jones water. Bobbie Jones carries John Rea's water. John Rea carried Jose Millan's water, and of course, Jose Millan never missed an opportunity to carrry Vicky's water...that's why she brought him on board once Arnold appointed Pete Wilson's lukewarm leftovers.

With all of this brown-nosing going on, it's really hard to produce actual, concrete results for the People of California. It's almost like there are mainly two actions stemming from these types of public servants; they are either brown-nosing their bosses or retaliating against those that refuse to brown their noses. In any event, the State of California is not paying them to brown-nose or retaliate; the state is paying them to do their job, which is half-ass at best and non-existant at worst.


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