Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"In order to save the village, we had to burn the village," or, DLSE's recent scoring of their own DLC III exam

This one is really special! It turns out that everyone who passed the recent Deputy Labor Commissioner III (DLC III) exam in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Ana all received the same score of 70! Holy sh*t, Batman-we got ourselves a conspiracy!
Out of all the vindictive, petty, and often insane antics those whacky executives play within the DLSE, I never thought that they would be dumb enough to collude to "fix" the test results! If you believe their side of the story, then not only did everyone give the same answer to every question, but they also gave the same sh*tty answer to every question to receive such a low passing score of 70. Everyone who received a score of 70 was placed in Rank 2, meaning that the DLSE desk donkeys can pick whoever they want...and sadly for the public, they usually do.
The DLSE screws up (yet another) opportunity to do the right & honorable thing. This division can't (even) conduct a DLC III examination without screwing the pooch. A good investigator doesn't believe in "coincidences," and a great investigator can 'connect' those 'dots.' Everyone receiving the same, crappy score: what was the real reason for the collusion and premeditation? The state exam process was specifically designed to eliminate cronyism, nepotism, favortism, and the "good 'ol boys club;" with all the Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Ana candidates receiving the same score, it seems to be a far cry from fair and impartial. Something went wrong; it went very wrong and it wasn't by accident. FRAUD, WASTE & ABUSE: which category does this fall under?
What Lupe Almaraz and Robert Jones will not be able to explain is how these scores mathmatically defy "statistical probability" and the "bell curve," but then again, they won't explain anything unless they are compelled to testify under penalty of perjury & even that is no guarantee. Jones and Almaraz will never clean up this house so long as they allow people like Nakagama, Rupp, and Calva to achieve their self-serving objectives, and if they cannot clean up this house, then they need to be replaced post haste.


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