Saturday, October 07, 2006

State Personnel Board hearing for terminated attorney went very well for Miles Locker

After DLSE attorneys Bobbie Jones and Tony Michelle wasted 4 days of taxpayer time, money, and resources trying to sell their manure to an Administrative Law Judge, the terminated attorney had his chance to proceed with his case. From what I hear, the Appellant blew the barn doors off of the DLSE's bullsh*t, and things really don't look well for the DLSE's rebuttal arguments.

The real beauty of this is that eventually the public record will come to this blog after the SPB decides and after a Public Records Act request is sent.

Common sense predicts that the ALJ will uphold the appeal, and then a whole sh*tload of people will be hit with a wrongful termination lawsuit. The sad part of this is that the People of California got f*cked by the top bosses because a vindictive few like Vicky Bradshaw, Jose Millan, Donna Dell, Robert Jones, and Anthony Mischel took a great public servant off the streets, runined his career, and failed to replace him. When the dust settles, who's going to discipline those that did bad things to a state attorney who was wrongfully terminated?


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