Monday, October 09, 2006

Art imitates the DLSE, or is it really true after all?

HBO has this great show called The Wire; it's in its fourth season. This season has been great, in fact, it's been so great that HBO ran a full-page ad of The Wire in the Wall Street Journal.

One of its storylines is that the Baltimore Mayor is up for re-election, and a secret state witness is murdered, then the press grabs ahold of it. So how does the Mayor spin it? He secretly tells his Deputy Chief to dely & slow down the investigation until after the election. Homicide removes their top detective off this Red Ball (slang for a politically high profile case) and directs a rookie detective to continue the investigation...a recently-transferred detective with no homicide experience.

As I watched this, all I thought about was the DLSE's investigatory patterns, practices, and procedures. How the orders and commands from the tip-top comes trickling down to day-to-day operations. How something (supposedly operationally minor in detail) as to who is assigned an investigation actually affects the BIG PICTURE.

If you get the chance, watch HBO's The Wire.


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