Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Current Los Angeles DLSE news

Susanna rec'd some really good news, and so did Karen. For those that knew Rena, she was a good person with a big heart and a deeply giving personality. She recently died of cancer and worked for the Legal Unit with Dave, Edna, and Anne. She was one of those people that inspired people to do good things with their lives.

As far as that retaliation/Lee Pearson (4 people interviewed, no tape recorder used investigation) stuff goes; it will go nowhere. Even if they prove up that Maria retaliated against Marivel; she's protected by Abby, so nothing will happen to her. If Abby is protected, then Maria is protected. The only thing I heard about that was that once Maria found out that Alex was leaving her control...Alex got a little taste of what Marivel experienced.


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