Thursday, June 15, 2006

Scoreboard in LA: 2 males already complaining about Diana Chen

Rumor has it that FC sent an email to Greg Rupp expressing his discomfort in working under Diana, who's replacing King Cheung in Los Angeles office of the Bureau of Field Enforcement. Allegedly, someone's schoolyard 'crush' on FC, was rebuffed (she's not his 'type'). Now he's afraid of payback; hell hath no fury like...

The other DLSE employee, AK, gets very upset, excited, or anxious at the mere thought of something, anything. King Cheung let AK do whatever, and that was fine with AK. Diana Chen might have a different supervisory method than some state employee who was on the verge of retiring with DGS (don't give a sh*t) disease. Diana's management method, one that has garnered much success and earned much respect in Santa Ana, probably makes AK very apprehensive, hence AK's complaining.


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