Friday, June 09, 2006

Labor Commissioner Robert Jones

He almost gave the same, lame pep talk that Art Lujan gave back when he was Labor Commissioner. It was priceless! While beating his own drum, Jones weakly tried to associate himself with a history lesson of him representing employees before republican contributor/LWDA Secretary Victoria Bradshaw made him a part of her DLSE cadre. This is the same Vicky Bradshaw that lost the US Supreme Court case (Livadas v. Bradshaw) in a 9-0 ruling, but more on that later!

Now, he's the DLSE Labor Commissioner. Thanks, Vicky. He pontificated about DLSE staff treating everybody with respect and dignity, and then I remembered, this is the same guy that fired Miles Locker! As if the termination of Miles Locker wasn't political. I couldn't believe this guy. Before he makes a pathetic attempt to clean up the bigger backyard called California, he should try and clean up his own backyard called the DLSE, with "dignity and respect," as he put it.


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