Monday, June 12, 2006

Los Angeles Rumor Control

Currently, the DLSE is considering Victor Jurado has Reynaldo's full-time permanent replacement. Now that Reynaldo is retired, it looks like Abigael Calva is stuck with Victor Jurado. If that's the case, then Long Beach Wage Claims will have a vacancy, and that might go to MV, who's being considered for the DLC III slot.

Rumors are just that, rumors. Previously, it was rumored that DLSE wouldn't place Diana Chen in King Cheung's spot, and that was recently reconsidered. Last week, they booted her out of Santa Ana and kicked her to Los Angeles, Van Nuys, and Santa Barbara. There was also that rumor that Abigael Calva would consider retiring if Nance Steffen didn't replace Reynaldo Rivera with someone who could get the job done just as well as Reynaldo. Well, Abigael hasn't retired yet, and Victor continues to supervise the Los Angeles Wage Claims office. We'll wait and see.

By the way, if Greg Rupp is still investigating the leak of the GWC-DLSE meeting, maybe he should direct his investigation towards Victor and ask him what he likes to talk about when he's out drinking with his female subordinates (in the off hours of course).


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