Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Asst. Chief Greg Rupp: 8 hours work for 8 hours pay?

Question. What should Assistant Chief Greg Rupp be more concerned about:

A) obtaining the identity of the author of this blog
B) doing the job he's paid to do by the DLSE - a general fund (i.e., taxpayer paid) agency?

Answer: A. He's very upset, and he's printing the blog and going around asking DLSE personnel about the leaking of the details of the meeting that took place with the Garment Worker Center (read May 28th, 2006 blog entry).

Maybe Asst. Chief Greg Rupp should spend more time resolving the concerns of the Garment Worker Center and worry less about the identity of those communicating information. Maybe Asst. Chief Greg Rupp should not waste state time (halting the work he's paid to do and halting other DLSE employees' work to ask them questions) and state resources (printing blog entries from state computers/printers) while conducting unofficial state business (blogger identity investigation).

Maybe someone can explain to me how his actions best serve the People of the State of California? Is he still under the impression that he's accountable to no one? Apparently, no one above him is kicking him to fix the concerns raised by the Garment Worker Center. He is free to run around and do as he pleases - not as the state pleases. The complaint that was filed on behalf of DH against DLSE employee employee KR; what happened with that? I'm fairly certain that Greg Rupp recently testified (under penalty of perjury) regarding the process and lack of DLSE policies regarding complaints filed against DLSE staff.

Since it is safe to assume that Greg Rupp is an avid reader of this blog; please encourage Mr. Rupp to hit the "comment" button and offer an explanation of his Garment Worker Center complaint resolution. Maybe he can fix this before the circle of inquisitors becomes bigger. Doubt it.


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