Sunday, May 28, 2006

Long Beach DLSE Supervisor Victor Jurado likes imbibing with female subordinates!

In the more professional government agencies, there is something known as a fraternization policy. While policies vary from agency to agency, the common denominator is that superiors don't break bread with subordinates during off hours. It doesn't create anything but problems and political apple-polishing; This is what is known as the APPEARANCE of impropiety. From what I hear, the only supervisor drinking with the ladies was Victor Jurado. Also, this was not the first time, more like the third time. Those who he drinks with in the off hours are KR, PM, LR, LM, and Rosie. By the way, I'm sure that these initials can be converted to full names upon request.

Apparently, Victor cannot hold his booze that well, either, because he started talking about things that were best left at the meeting that took place between several DLSE desk jockeys (Lupe Almaraz, Greg Rupp, King Cheung, Abigael Calva, Tongkun Kim, Henry Huerta, and Victor Jurado...if I left anyone out let me know so I can post their names, too).
At the Garment Worker Center (GWC), they have been consistently complaining about certain inefficient/incompetent DLSE staff: Allegedly, they are KR, RC, IV, and JH. At first, the GWC did not name the individuals. King Cheung, in his desire to leave state service on a high note, demanded that they name names in front of all: to which they did.

King's great because after all, what does he care? He's leaving in a few weeks, so it's not like it will be his problem. It's been my professional experience that Lupe Almaraz and Greg Rupp will do their very best to ignore the problem(s) communicated to them by the GWC. They will do that until someone above their paygrade kicks them, which means that if they want their problem fixed, then the GWC had better start contacting their local politicos as well as Assemblymen Paul Koretz, who chairs the the labor committee. Rumor has KR being transferred in the future, but they don't know when or where (Public Information Unit, the DLSE dumping ground perhaps?).

After GWC has a politician that will move on the iefficiency of the DLSE, then they might suffle some pretards around and call it "restructuring." But the problem won't be solved, because guys like Lupe and Greg will still be in play. Besides, Greg Rupp gets real pissy if anyone critcizes the way he runs DLSE because he actually believes that it's his agency to run however he wants. What makes him delusional like that is anyone's guess, because the DLSE is not a sole proprietorship with him as the only owner. So if you criticize the way he does things, expect him to drag his feet or ignore it completely, unless he targets you like the way he did the clerk in Santa Ana years ago. You remember Greg! During your stint of being "in charge" of WCA, you were going to transfer her from the Santa Ana office to the Los Angeles PIU, then she married a Workers Compensation attorney (from the state Santa Ana building) and your company (the DLSE) settled confidentially.


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