Saturday, June 10, 2006

This is a bipartisan website, unlike the prevailing winds of Victoria Bradshaw, Robert Jones, Jose Millan, and other DLSE political appointees

I am an equal opportunity writer and if it benefits the People of Claifornia to have this knowledge of DLSE competence, efficiency, etc., then it's gonna be posted. If Greg Rupp is pissed off that his actions & decisions are being "outed," then he should have thought of the consequences of his actions before he picked the path he choose. That's to be expected when our managers have little or no leadership, no vision, and merely want more control over their perceived fiefdoms. Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz might actually make some headway with the next generation of DLSE managers if the upcoming DLSE retirement vacancies are replaced with strong leaders who "get it." Here's a clue, Mr. Almaraz: try leaving the DLSE better than how you received it. Victoria Bradshaw, Tony Mischel, Greg Rupp, Robert Jones, and Susan Nakagama are lost causes; focus on your actions, your decisions, and how those decisions impact DLSE's greater good.

If he chooses to ignore this golden opportunity and allows people like Susan Nakagama, Greg Rupp, Abigael Calva annd Nance Steffen to hire people like Susan Nakagama, Diana Chen, Julie Tarazon, Gretchen Torregano, King Cheung, Victor Jurado, & Tony Guillen, then Lupe should try and at least save the state some money by outsourcing the construction of mindless, self-serving robots to Honda. The bonus would be that the Honda Robots would generate less complaints and cost very little, both in expense, inefficiency, and frustration.


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