Monday, June 05, 2006

Q. What has Probationary Supervisor Diana Chen accomplished recently?

A. Gave her subordinate, RT, a wrath of sh*t for trying to take vacation time to attend a school function honoring her kid.

B. Gave another subirdinate, JC, the same wrath for almost the same reason.

C. Micromanged another subordinate, SW, to the point where he left the DLSE entirely (after 2+ months!). Another Diana Chen 'highlight' was to tell SW some really excellent, unfortunately wrong, insurance information.

D. Made a complaint to fellow supervisor JG about another DLSE employee, CL, concerning the movement of office chairs (and not moving them back).

E. All of the above.

Brand new supervisor, same DLSE office dysfunction. The real kick in the teabag is that crap like this is even tolerated and entertained; this wastes time and literally drains office morale. Not only does Greg Rupp lack the capacity to understand that morale can be associated with productivity, but he also indulges Diana Chen to such an extent that she leaves nothing to cry about, whether it's microwaves, toaster ovens, electrical sockets, or office chairs. Greg Rupp could have said, "Stop whining and start learning your job; you're on probation." But he didn't.

On an unrelated note, Diana's boss Susan Nakagama, isn't really qualified to train such a novice and inefficient subordinate, as Susan's time is better spent srutinizing the personnel file of someone who she does not want to promote and thus block the promotion. Not that Susan Nakagama found anything to justify the blackballing, as Greg Rupp over-ruled Nakagama's decision anyway.


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