Saturday, June 03, 2006

Supervisor Diana Chen loses another one. Will her next subordinate be another chinese female like her?

One of Diana Chen's subordinates is leaving BOFE, and how's this for jack-ass thinking: this person would rather have stayed and come over the the Wage Claim section of the DLSE, but BOFE, in their ever growing p*ssing contest, would rather have the person leave the DLSE system entirely instead of keeping a good worker and moving him/her to a vacancy within DLSE. That's the BOFE mindset; not what is best for their own division, but how can vendettas and personal grievances be vetted. Previously, BOFE Supervisor Diana Chen also got her pick of the litter and selected a fellow Chinese female as her subordinate to work in the Santa Ana office. In Orange County, there are two main languages (other than English) that come into play: Vietnamese and Spanish, more Spanish than anything else. That's what Santa Ana BOFE needs-SPANISH! Good job, probationary supervisor Diana Chen! Another brilliant Diana Chen decision executed with common sense and sound judgement.

But then again, Diana Chen doesn't really give a rat's ass about what is best for the people of California. Her new BOFE subordinate is not being receiving bilingual pay for Spanish or Vietnamese, so how is this helping those who need DLSE assitance? Once again, it should come down to what's best for the People of California, and once again, the People got shafted. It appears that Diana's quite lonely at work, and few people really talk to her because of all of the problems that she's created at the Santa Ana office. What better way to acquire an indentured servant who speaks Mandarin/Cantonese and must suck-up to the boss? Thanks goodness I'm nowhere near that "State Efficiency" train wreck.

There's been talk of her returning to Los Angeles, but no one wants her there, either. She would have replaced soon-to-retire King Cheung, but bosses Susan Nakagama and Greg Rupp aren't putting her into play. Gee, I wonder why?


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