Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gender equality in Nance Steffen's So Cal Wage Claims Unit

Nance Steffen's recent Wage Claims Adjudication (WCA) training: wow. Here's a nice stat for those that keep count in DLSE office politics, promotions, and gender equality.

Those DLCs, IRRs, & MSTs ordered to attend the Southern California leg of the Nance Steffen Show (WCA Training - 2 day lecture):
7 men
32 women

Is that a 5 to 1 ratio, or a 6 to 1 ratio?
Now I'm all for equality, but does this appear to be equal?

There's a rumor that RS has a certain audio tape of a certain Art Lujan explaining the real DLSE promotion process, and after RS made mention of this process, RS was immediately promoted to Deputy Labor Commissioner III in an effort to avoid something like 'litigation.' Only after the "equality" process of promoting Julie Tarazon and Gretchen Torregano did RS start asking questions about fairness and equality.


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