Saturday, May 20, 2006

What does it feel like to work for someone who's as competent as Diana Chen?

Diana Chen interviewed many people for her BoFE Santa Ana vacancy of Industrial Relations Representative (IRR), the immediate rung under the Deputy Labor Commissioner (DLC) title.

Out of all the people that she interviewed, what are the odds the she selected a female? Out of all the possible combinations, what are the odds that she selected someone who's Chinese like her? Given the all of the candidates' qualifications, what are the odds that probationary supervisor Diana Chen selected a Chinese female as her subordinate? Imagine that! Diana Chen "selecting" the best candidate that also happens to be an exact match as Diana's gender and nationality. The BoFE office in Santa Ana needs Spanish speakers; take a look at the victimization wage claims, subjects of interview, the lists goes on and on. Want to find out who the best qualified candidate is/was? File a Public records Act request with Diana Chen and request copies of the IRR vacancy announcement in Santa Ana, copies of the documents that the applicants submitted, copies of the interviews (paper and audio), and who was ultimately selected! This way, you'll experience DLSE foot-dragging at its finest! If it's determined that the best candidate was not selected, then you'll be subjected to the best excuse-making that the DLSE has to offer! Probationary supervisor Diana Chen is on her way up the career ladder!


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