Friday, May 26, 2006

Diana Chen's new Santa Ana BoFE policy on vacation requests

So Diana Chen tells 25% of her people (that's one person out the four she supervises) that vacation requests are now prioritized as title first, then seniority. WTF??? That's never been done before, but then again, when Diana has it out for someone, then the Dept. of Retaliation Playbook comes out with her braying out invisible chapter and verse.

Well, at least she's looking out for her peeps. I'm sure that this command leadership decision will improve morale, motivate her crew to be more productive, and thus serve the People of California better. The big joke of this is that she supposedly went to management school for a week in Sacramento. If this is the kind of training being certified by the state, then the People of California are in a heap of trouble.


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