Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ramifications for those who don't hold their required cattle-call hearings?

Ever heard of the Peter Principle? One rises to their level of incompetence. Back when they had the cattlecall hearings and required supervisors to hold those hearings, Susan Nakagama took off like a rocket. She didn't come back to work until that sh*tstorm blew over. With so many people retiring (and many more to be retiring in the future), you would think that the big-brains who run their fiefdoms at DLSE would attempt to plug the holes in the dyke, but they don't seem to have the intelligence to think that far ahead.

A dumb management system only treats the symptoms. A smart management system cures the disease. In this metaphor, the DLSE band-aid approach is to rotate supervisors into the recently vacated holes in the Los Angeles office so that there is (ultimately) no accountability amongst any of them. It's the, "it didn't happen on my shift" excuse. Rather than cure what's causing the cough, their only solution is to try and suppress it with cough syrup.

A smart management system eliminates the cough by curing the cause of it. Regional Manager Abigael Calva and Assistant Chief Nance Steffen could have spent a portion of their big-brain work month (the time Reynaldo gave them his notice) on plugging the hole as soon as Reynaldo took leave, but instead they drew upon previous career civil servant/bureaucrat experience, and left it to a rotating shift of lower-paid minions. These supervisors must leave their primary office posts (creating temporary holes in those offices) because their supervisory Desk Donkeys are trained to provide excuses and not solutions. Nance Steffen's boss, Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz, is just about as useful to the People of California as Nance and Abigael because (apparently) he's allowing them to continue at this current level of performance & proficiency; I guess it's a good thing that neither Abigael nor Nance are up for any promotions.


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