Thursday, May 11, 2006

Victor Jurado leaves the Long Beach office to do what Abigael Calva can't at the Los Angeles office

So if Victor Jurado leaves the Long Beach office and works at the Los Angeles office, who's supervising the Long Beach office? The last time Victor Jurado came to "assist" the Los Angeles office with his top-knotch supervisory & leadership talents, poor ol' Nance (pronounced 'Nancy,' go figure) Steffen had to get on an airplane and personally fix Cashiering and most of its problems.

Abigael Calva busted out some whiny email about Reynaldo retiring, the vacancy his position created, and made excuses about how the DLSE cannot fill the position until his vacation/leave runs out. During this bureaucrat waiting period, she's going to give us Victor Jurado. This was the same thing she did last year when Antonio Guillen retired from the Los Angeles office. Antonio retired, Victor temporarily replaced Antonio, then Abigael replaced Victor with Reynaldo (who she stole from the Van Nuys office), Reynaldo retired, and now Victor is back. If Abigael really gave two cents about her crew in Los Angeles, then she never would have plucked Victor from Long Beach and threw him in LA. Typical of Abigael's management style, her pills are often difficult to swallow.

On an unrelated Desk Donkey note, I heard that Vicky Bradshaw's lame and useless EEEC task force will quietly disappear in the next year. It seems that all the money that was poured into that group of smarties really wasn't cost effective. Expect to see either some lame excuse as to its disbanding or nothing at all (think: Jose Millan's quiet departure from LWDA and into the kiddie college community).


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