Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Will Victoria Bradshaw allow Robert Jones to be nominated & confirmed as Labor Commissioner????

That's pretty scary. Bradshaw's been anti-union since Pete Wilson brought her to state service. She loses Livadas v. Bradshaw (9-0, US Supreme Court), and then the Governator promotes the anti-union loser to Labor Workforce Development Agency Secretary. She brings Robert Jones on board after Donna Dell resigns...right before she submits that idiot precedent decision about meal & rest periods being a penalty (going back only 1-yr.) instead of a wage (going back 3-yrs.). The same morons that lost Livadas are the same morons that hired Dell and Jones. Doesn't that scare the crap out of the unions? I heard that Robert Jones is now trying to make nice with the unions, in hopes of obtaining their support for Jones' successful nomination as Labor Commissioner.
Unless the unions have taken complete leave of their senses, I don't see this playing out they way Robert Jones thinks it will play out. After Victoria Bradshaw tried to screw them over with Livadas v. Bradshaw, how will Jones be able to separate himself from the Bradshaw administration...especially when it was her & Rea that brought him to DLSE? Will he brag to the unions that he was secretly supportive of the recent 3-yr. meal & rest period wage, and that it was all Donna's fault for making her precedent decision a 1-yr. penalty?
Let me try and get this straight: he bends over for Sprawl Mart, and Sprawl Mart is anti-union....what does that make Jones: pro or anti union? Bradshaw is definitely anti-union, and it's Jones' job (as a political appointee) to suck up to those that got him hired. He certainly doesn't do anything for the people of California...look at the CMS disaster, look at his political priority serving employers (not employees), and finally, look at the way he treated the only guy that correctly called the meal & rest periods a wage...Jones fired him in hopes of paving the way for an unopposed pro-employer, anti-union Bradshaw administration.


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