Thursday, April 19, 2007

Miscellaneous Housekeeping

DLSE lost another good employee (John Roldan), who left the division. It's hard to believe that the DLSE picked Butter Face instead of Roldan for supervisor. Butter Face has almost zero people skills but has a propensity to suck up to management, so Butter Face got promoted.
People who diligently do their job are pushed into a corner where they collect dust. There's this one DLSE employee who was promised by management that a temporary assignment would only last ninety days...several years later, the DLSE employee's still stuck in that hole. The manager doesn't give two shi*ts about keeping their word because the employee does a good job, so why should the manager keep their word? The employee feels shafted, so does anyone really think that the employee is providing their very best service to the public?
This is how sh*tty management decisions affect the bottom line. It doesn't take an industrial organization psychologist to translate crappy employee morale into underperforming service.


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