Friday, March 09, 2007

Sworn to uphold the law, a California peace officer like Greg Rupp can do whatever he feels like doing...who's there to investigate his actions?

What a coincidence that the last four people to make Greg Rupp's sh*t list also got sent to answer phones in Los Angeles:
1. Rowene (she didn't last long...not even a day: she sued & settled)
2. Jose Hernandez (retired)
3. Naomi Rodriguez (left, went to another agency)
4. Christopher Lotts (now works in Santa Ana)
What a coincidence that all four people (at the time) worked under Greg Rupp.
What a coincidence that all four people were not liked by Greg Rupp.
What a coincidence that Greg Rupp uses phone duty as a way to motivate employees to leave/resign.
None of those employees asked for phone duty; all of them placed there by Greg Rupp. What else has Greg Rupp done that we do not know? Are there other unknown abuses of authority? Is information out there, waiting to be disclosed?


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