Friday, March 09, 2007

DLSE leadership and its cause & effect upon public service: it's not efficient, it's not resourceful, it's not funny & worst of all-it's not changing

The powers-that-be set the tone for those that do the work. What's that old phrase, fish stink from the head?
Rigged promotional exam scores
Livadas v. Bradshaw tried to stick it to the worker
Unwarranted investigations
No investigation of protected employees
No standard operating procedures
Policies obsolete and/or non-existant
Labor Commissioner using DIR Staff Attorneys for blog
Multi-million dollar CMS contractor/software waste
All of this adds up to public service that could be better but isn't. The best managers are not selected, only the ones that give the power structure no problems (i.e., no change). Then, those decision makers in power act in a manner that cost the taxpayers millions of wasted/inefficient dollars.
Eventually, management's excuses grow old, the employees are only motivated just enough to not get fired, and the public suffers & bears the brunt of this end result. The end result is always the public impact: how long does it take for a wage claim to be heard (beginning to end), how long does it take an entertainment work permit to be processed, how long does a member of the public wait for their phone call to be answered, and how long does a member of the public wait at the front counter in order to be heard?


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