Saturday, March 17, 2007

Soldiers wounded receive sub-standard care while White House terminates unfriendly US Attorneys

"I have been called a patriot, and treated like a criminal. I have been called a Soldier and treated as the enemy." This was a quote from a soldier hospitalized at Walter Reed. Blogging about the conditions at Walter Reed has caused another black eye for the republican White House. The White House response? Send some suits to ask some stoopid questions, maybe it will go away and maybe the press will cover something else, like how we're winning the war on terror.
Currently, the White House is busy trying to spin its version of events that led to the terminations of the US Attorneys that failed to conduct White House bidding and placed justice above politics. If the remaining US Attorneys have not yet figured it out, they serve their master-the US President-and not the people.
How does this connect to Labor Standards? The Dept. of Industrial Retaliation has the same concept: serve the masters and not the people. When we serve the people and fail to serve our masters, then civil servants like Miles Locker are fired. People like Victor Jurado were well-trained by their master: upset the master and you'll find yourself transferred or targeted.
Senior Deputy Lauro Cons and Regional Manager Susan Nakagama are perfect DLSE examples: they serve their master, DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp. Greg Rupp serves his master, Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones. Robert Jones serves his master, Acting Director John Rea. John Rea serves his master, LWDA Secretary Victoria Bradshaw. Vicky Bradshaw serves her master, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Currently, the Governator's Board of Chiropractic snafu...just another shining example of special interests & special appointments serving the master. Please don't ask about the Governator's fiasco at the Dept. of Corrections; people are still trying to figure out the mess. At the end of these decisions made by the politically-appointed special bureaucrats, it is the Californian, the taxpayer, the public that receives the screwing.


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