Saturday, March 10, 2007

Is it true that a former employee filed a Workers Comp-retaliation claim against Greg Rupp?

Anonymous posted, "Just to clarify a situation that occurred a few years ago. Rowene was promoted from a Office Tech to a MST position in the Santa Ana Office. After being promoted, she had a nasty fall in the office which was observed by several employees. Due to her injury, she filed a worker's comp. claim. This was challenged by Greg Rupp, who eventually lost the action and Rowene received her monies from her W.C. claim. This totally pissed off Greg Rupp who decided the only nice thing to do would be to transfer Rowene from her job in the Santa Ana Office to answering telephones in downtown LA. The only problem with this transfer was that Rowene was not planning on going along with his plan. The day she was to report to LA she failed to show up as well as resigning that same day from the state. The second problem was that Rupp did not know that Rowene was married to a W.C. attorney. Of course her husband immediately filed a retaliation complaint against the division and settled for a good sum of money. Rowene laughed all the way to the bank and Greg suddenly came down with a twitch. Like they say, what goes around comes around. Greg definitely needs to put out to pasture. Just make sure they take his gun away so he doesn't shoot any other cows."
It seems to me that this is something that Greg Rupp could readily recall, and hopefully soon. Is it true that Greg Rupp took the kind of action that provoked a worker's comp retaliation lawsuit? Hopefully Greg Rupp will not twitch, convulse, and lie when asked under oath; it would be unfortunate for him to demonstrate otherwise. Let's start refreshing his memory now:
Q1. How many people have sued you for workers comp. retaliation?
Q2. How many women did you know named Rowene?
Q3. How many Rowenes did you try to transfer from Santa Ana to Los Angeles?
Q4. Do you remember the result of Rowene's lawsuit?
Q5. Did this whole event (getting beat by a woman) emasculate you, as a moustached, gun-toting cop?
Think about much taxpayer dollars were spent dealing with losing Rowene's workers compensation case, then losing/settling Rowene's workers compensation retaliation case? You think this came out of Greg Rupp's pocket? Hell no...this came out of the taxpayer's pocket, and maybe the taxpayers have a right to know how much Greg Rupp cost them. You think the DLSE disciplined Greg Rupp for such a costly mistake/decision?


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