Monday, March 19, 2007

Jones wants confirmation? What kind of deal will Bradshaw make with the Senate?

Rumor has it that at the latest DLSE atty. meeting, Acting Labor Commissioner is now making decisions that will (or will not) affect his upcoming Senate confirmation.
Someone who whisper into the blunt instrument's ear that trampling upon the 1st Amendment is not the best way to obtain confirmation. Maybe the tool can explain why he issued a "no speak" memo, only to rescind it after legal proceedings were initiated. Didn't the blunt instrument have faith in his trampling of the 1st Amendment?
Someone should also whisper into the blunt instrument's other ear that wrongfully terminating a DLSE attorney was a way to pander to Victoria Bradshaw's republican party, but really doesn't demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities that Californians need in a Labor Commissioner. Blunt instruments don't have ears; blunt instruments are merely tools.


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