Friday, February 16, 2007

Week # 2 ends with No-Senate-Confirmation-Needed Robert Jones failing to act on his threat to terminate blogger

Robert Jones has problems fixing that computerized mess called CMS, he has problems with free speech (Miles, rescinded memo to DLSE attorneys, blogger), he has problems investigating "protected" DLSE staff, he has problems fixing problems. The Santa Ana office has no protective safety glass; what the heck, it's only one of the busiest (if not the busiest) DLSE office in California.
Here's the problem with Santa Ana: no one "important" works there: there's no Lupe Almaraz, there's no Greg Rupp, there's no John Rea, there's no Victoria Bradshaw, and there's certainly no Robert Jones. No one in Santa Ana can further the career of Robert Jones, so why should he bother? To put it another way, if John Rea and Vicky Bradshaw suddenly got transferred to Santa Ana, then how fast would this guy make moves? Yeah, exactly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It does not take a brain surgeon to know when they will finally install safety glass in the Santa Ana Office. You guessed it, when someone gets hurt or killed. When someone was attacked over the counter in LA, safety glass was installed immediately. You would think Bush was running this department. What a bunch of hard headed bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/16/2007 10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must thank you for putting up this blog. We feel that with your blog we at DLSE can have some chance to communicate about the injustice at DLSE. Thank you again for you good work.

2/20/2007 6:44 PM  

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