Friday, February 23, 2007

3rd week since Robert Jones threatened to terminate blogger

Robert Jones threatened the blogger with termination should the blogger refuse to take one-month's pay and resign. The blogger refused, so where is the termination? Please don't tell me that the Acting Labor Commissioner merely relied upon a threat of intimidation, hoping that the blogger - quivering from Jones' threat, would act in Jones' favor and take the money & run.
He (or through his minion Richard Munoz) tried that same weak play in June, 2006. They offered the blogger one month's pay (July, 2006) in exchange for the blogger's resignation. It didn't fly in 2006 & it's not flying in 2007. Is Jones so stoopid that he'll make the same weak threat right before the trial? Will he play this broken record (again) in late 2007 or early 2008? Why is the blogger still employed, since Jones threatened to terminate?
Why can't The Joke further the mission of the DLSE? Why can't The Joke bring CMS into play? Why can't The Joke have safety barriers installed in the Santa Ana office? If The Joke wants the blogger investigated, then the DLSE mission stops and the blogger is investigated. It seems that no one can hold The Joke accountable; he only answers to John Rea & Vicky Bradshaw...the working Californian is not relevant...The Joke must pursue the all costs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the latest on the computer system CMS?

I hear from the DLSE staff that it is not in opertion yet, and the system has major unresolved problems. The contract for the CMS project cost the State millions, and was expected to be completed and delivered to DIR DLSE Division in Nov. 2006.

Who is responsible for this computer project fiacso?

2/26/2007 5:42 PM  

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