Thursday, August 10, 2006

Which allegation is more serious, destroying the US Mail or blogging?

The totality of DLSE management competence can be summed up in what they hold near and dear to their fact-finding missions. They known about the allegation(s) of a DLSE employee destroying the US Mail for quite some time, and do you know what they did to the person who made the allegation? The DLSE made that person's life so miserable that she left the DLSE and transferred to another agency because they accused a protected member of the DLSE clan. The irony is that this person (the one who transferred) still works under one of Victoria Bradshaw's bureaucracies, so if they really wanted to investigate the allegation, they could.
The sad news is that they will not, "cause injury to themselves in conducting an investigation where they cannot protect their own." To date, I don't know of any investigation that Greg Rupp started where it cast the DLSE in an unfavorable light; he's somehow managed to lynchpin all of his investigations on individuals. But then again, he and Vicky Bradshaw go way back. Funny how he's where he is (Assistant Chief) and she's where she is (Labor Workforce Development Agency Secretary).
The DLSE is aware of the allegations plaguing their department, yet they choose to investigate a blogger. They choose to spend money, time, and resources in wasting the court's time with issues of blogging versus which DLSE employee is destroying the US Mail. Why was the US Mail destroyed? It got to be too much work for a DLSE employee that didn't want to do their job. Incoming mail sometimes has money, checks for employee's wages, checks for settlements, or checks for penalties. Sometimes, the mail has appeal requests and those requests have statutory deadlines. I was told that unopened mail was thrown away and destroyed. That's a federal offense, but oh well-the DLSE wants private journals, demanding personal diaries.
Maybe Labor Commissioner Robert Jones cannot comprehend which does more damage to the public: investigating the destruction of US Mail or investigating a blogger. This guy's an attorney? Wasn't this the same guy who sang the "Let's take really good care of the public" song at the Van Nuys training a few months ago? Internal damage control/spin doctoring/CYA does not equate to providing the best service to the public.


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