Saturday, August 05, 2006

Taxpayer money: it would be faster if Office of the Director-Legal Unit just burned taxpayer dollars...

that way, at least they would not be wasting time. What we have here (the historic function of OD-Legal) is a waste of both time and money: throw in the waste of resources, and you have a Hat Trick. Their bogus make-work missions consist of keeping a DLSE attorney fired, attempting to terminate a Deputy Labor Commissioner, and tried (and subsequently failed via OD-Legal beagle Anthony Mischel) to enforce some chickensh*t AWOL charge that (even) the Dept. of Personnel Administration (DPA) threw out the door. Historically, the DPA sides with management 90-95% of the time, so I'm sure Anthony Mischel is still licking his wounds on that one.
Anthony Mischel is the same OD-Legal attorney orchestrating most, if not all of the Employee Disposals. I have no problem with getting rid of bad eggs, but Mischel seems to have a hardon for tossing out those that do not kiss ass (not a state civil service mandate, BTW). One would hope that Vanessa Holton, Chief Counsel of OD-Legal, would get off her rump and start doing something productive with that her department. One would also think that if Vanessa didn't have the cognitive skillset to make OD-Legal more productive to better serve the People of California, then Labor Secretary Victoria Bradshaw would light a fire under Vanessa Holton and give her the proper motivation. With the plethora of labor law violations happening in California, is internal politics consuming most of OD-Legal's time, money, and resources? Can anyone imagine a firm like Latham & Watkins wasting time, resources, & money on having a special unit designated for high-profile/sensitive cases, only to find out that those special lawyers' special cases are to terminate their own employees?
Unfortunately, it seems that the People of California are stuck with Vanessa, Vicky, and Anthony: self-serving tools who think nothing of spending taxpayer dollars in a manner that best suits their needs and not the People of California.


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