Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Smear Campaign has started: let's put the victim on trial.

So the judge's directive is simple and concise: submit a brief, no more than ten pages. Argue two issues by such and such date.
What does the DLSE do? First, they fight the injunction by attempting to remove the judge and having another judge hear the matter. They filed paperwork about an inch and a half thick trying to justify this motion. That was just Part One in their attempt to give the judge information unrelated to the issue at hand.
Part Two: submit the brief, keeping it to ten pages. DLSE submits their brief, and then adds about another 100+ pages as supplementals. Nice. Exactly what the judge asked for; keep the brief to ten pages and add an infinite amount of 'supplementals.' Way to obey the court's directive!
When a judge asks for a 'brief,' isn't it required to be 'brief,' or is the word 'brief' another word for 'encyclopedia?' If one submits a huge 'brief,' is that a sign of disrespect, given the court directive?


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