Wednesday, July 26, 2006

California State Attorney Bar Numbers: what do they say?

Vanessa Holton's Bar Number is 111613; she's Chief Counsel.
Steve McGinty's Bar Number is 170606; he's Assistant Chief Counsel.
Richard Munoz's Bar Number is 187141; he's only Staff Counsel.
Anthony Mischel's Bar Number is 83834; he's Senior Staff Counsel.
Tony Mischel has the lowest Bar Number of the four and he's only a Senior Staff Counsel? Wassup wit dat? He's been employed by the Office of the Director since (damn near) dinosaurs roamed the planet! He's done everything asked of him; he helped fire a DLSE attorney, he's tried to get rid of a Deputy Labor Commissioner thru the Dept. of Personnel Administration, and he's working very hard in censoring what a DLSE employee writes while not on the state payroll.
Speaking of trying to censor a state employee while typing in the off hours, the DLSE had a fantastic opportunity to settle that matter, under strict confidentiality clauses, and for a very small amount of trade (versus what the employee would resign as a permanent civil servant whose wages are needed to pay for incidentals like food and a roof over one's head). Instead of settling, they acquire (even) more attorneys to squash this little bug. This is the agency of mediators and the bosses never mediate. "Do as I say and not as I do!" How is this not a complete waste of taxpayer money? You know what some of these attorneys are doing now? Spending massive amounts of taxpayer money (judges, attorneys, witnesses, exhibits, etc.) arguing in Sacramento while they try and justify the termination of a former career DLSE attorney. Some of these DLSE employees had to be flown up from Los Angeles, lodged in a hotel, and flown back afterwards.
The travel, lodging, and per diem expenses alone would be enough to send any accountant into cardiac arrest. But once again, Victoria Bradshaw is allowing this train wreck to lurch forward at the expense of the taxpayer.


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