Saturday, July 22, 2006

There are some great civil servants, and then there's Anthony Mischel, John Rea, and Vicky Bradshaw

There's this attorney with whom I'm familiar; let's call him Popeye. He's a District Attorney, an ex-Marine, and a real go-getter. Popeye puts bad people away, and he's really good at what he does. He loves his job, and he does a great service to the people of California by imprisoning those who wish others harm. Not only that, but he's also physically fit, funny, incredibly smart, and "gets it." I would absolutely love to work for Popeye because the bigger picture is the greater good. Popeye stays focused on the results, which is prison time for the bad guy. Popeye earns respect by his actions and is an incredible leader.
There are always two sides to every civil-servant coin.
Then there's this other attorney. Let's call him Wimpy; he's also an attorney, but he works for guess-which-agency. Wimpy is certainly not an ex-Marine. Wimpy is rotund, and I wouldn't be surprised if such gluttony oozed into his work ethic. Wimpy is not a go-getter, and I highly doubt that anyone (who didn't work directly under him) would label him as smart or intelligent. Wimpy is focused on the process, and we all know what that means when dealing with state bureaucracy.
I would gladly trade tens Wimpies for only one Popeye. Oh, and another thing: Wimpy will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger you will give him today. Just don't tell Bluto and Olive Oyl.


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