Thursday, July 27, 2006

Diana Chen, Susan Nakagama, and Greg Rupp: protecting themselves or protecting the people of California?

When Diana Chen hired a non-Spanish speaking employee for the Santa Ana DLSE office, I did some research on claims filed in Santa Ana. Here's what I found:
25,461 total cases listed on the Santa Ana database
3,104 requesting Spanish
71 requesting Vietnamese
58 requesting Korean
35 requesting Mandarin
34 requesting Cantonese
Over 10% requesting Spanish. Who could have predicted that Santa Ana needed Spanish-speaking employees. I thought I might have been higher than a kite when I just formed that Spanish-speaking need in Santa Ana theory; that's why I wanted to see if the numbers would show such a theory to be true. Since these lower, middle, and upper DLSE managers read this blog, maybe they can convert this info into proper service to Californians. Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz might want to re-prioritize his censoring of a subordinate's off-duty free speech and actually spend such time fixing this broken division. The phrase is "establishing priorities."
But problems like these just don't stop with Diana Chen; there should have been a catch-net, some sort of a stopgap in the event that Diana went off the reservation and hired someone she should not have hired. Regional Manager Susan Nakagama, her immediate supervisor, should have identified & fixed the glitch. That's assuming that Susan has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to deal with something so seemingly easy to fix. Unfortunately, Susan Nakagama was not there to manage and provide any oversight to Diana Chen in the proper selection of staff needed to serve the realistic needs of the Santa Ana office.
Then there's Assistant Chief Greg Rupp: the immediate supervisor of Susan Nakagama. Assuming that Diana Chen's sound judgement collapsed, and assuming that Susan Nakagama failed to grasp the simple concept that Santa Ana needed a Spanish speaker, then surely a seasoned professional like Greg Rupp should have provided the ultimate safety net for the People of California.
It's not just Diana Chen; she should have people providing guidance, insight, and wise advice so Diana can make the best decisions affecting the People of California. Instead, the People of California got effed in the ay.


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