Monday, July 31, 2006

Who's in charge of the Bureau of Field Enforcement (BoFE), and why is it riddled with micromanagers who waste time?

I heard that BoFE has a new policy, but you won't find it in any of their official policies and procedures manual. If anything, some micromanager decided to draft a memorandum because that's how it's done in BoFE: nothing concrete and set in stone like a Procedures Manual, more temporary like a memo. This is the new law, probably issued by their gun-in-a-desk rotund Assistant Chief, but I could be wrong.
Is it true that all BoFE personnel must list all of the websites they visit on their Daily Activity Report (DAR)? If it's policy, then this is to ensure that someone, someday will be caught in a lie (website not listed on DAR), and they can initiate Employee Disposal Procedures. Certain BoFE personnel who are liked by Greg Rupp, Susan Nakagama, etc. will be given a free pass, because Greg Rupp protects those he likes. He dismisses (or attempts to dismiss) those he does not like. Believe me, they don't have the manpower or the wherewithal to evenly enforce such a policy, so why draft such a policy that has no hope of being evenly and fairly enforced?
That's right: so it can be selectively and unfairly enforced! It's not about the websites visited, it's about the process...the reporting of the websites visited! Greg Rupp is all about the process. A word like "results" has no place in BoFE, and certainly no place in Greg Rupp's dictionary. Look at all the money they have poured into that TIPP re-named EEEC; where are those results? I digress
If this poicy is true, then there will be two effects to this micromanagement: 1) BoFE staff must stop enforcement actions and cover their ass by wasting time & paper in complying with this (don't they have computer geeks that can do this kind of work if they really want to hang someone by visiting naughty websites?) and 2) Lazy BoFE micromanagers will give their own staff the rope to hang them. If someone who is targeted forgets a website, then the DLSE hammer will fall down hard and fast on the civil servant who couldn't jump through some bureaucrat's hoop. Instead of conducting Field Enforcement, they will be ensuring Ass Coverage.


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