Thursday, July 20, 2006

Office of the Director-Legal Unit: qualifications to get into this club or will they accept just anyone from off the street?

Office of Director-Legal Unit. Sounds important. Sounds righteous. Sounds like actual work is being done. Do they have a website highlighting their work on behalf of the People of California, or is their work top-secret and does a disservice to the taxpayers of California? Transparency is the best policy, pretards.
It's funny: the DLSE requires their subordinates to complete Daily Activity Reports. The DLSE wants to know what their employees are doing. In private practice, law firms require their attorneys to adhere to strict billing requirements. But what activity reporting requirements are a matter of policy at the Department of Retaliation's Office of Director-Legal Unit?
Is there a way to determine how many work hours Anthony Mischel used on the People's dime to keep Miles Locker unemployed and away from state service? If there are reporting activity requirements, then I'd like to know how Anthony Mischel best serves the People of California and how efficiently he uses those hours for which he is paid by the state. What about Robert Muñoz and his time on the People's dime? Which OD-Legal attorneys are designed DLSE employee disposal lawyers, and which OD-Legal attorneys are doing actual work for the Dept. of Industrial Retaliation? Informally, are the employee-disposal lawyers lower on the food chain or higher on the food chain? Is getting rid of DLSE employees the fast-track to promotions?


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