Saturday, August 12, 2006

Examine the decisions made by individuals rather than on the play of great impersonal forces

A DLSE manager made the decision to investigate a blogger and cloak it under the guise of job performance. They had no job performance questions, and took about two seconds to proceed directly to the blog.
A DLSE manager (or attorney) made the decision to permanently remove someone from state service when this person was on a bona fide workers compensation injury. When common sense didn't enter DLSE's thought process, a Dept. of Personnel Administration judge directed them to reinstate the employee.
A DLSE manager thought she could sway the US Supreme Court, and not one of the nine Justices agreed.
A DLSE manager knew of the allegations of US Mail being destroyed, and nothing was done to stop it, much less prevent it. No change in procedures, no nothing.
A DLSE manager who can barely walk (much less run), carries a loaded firearm into a DLSE office and shoves it into a desk. Does Lupe Almaraz order a Fitness for Duty evaluation? Nope. This DLSE manager's health seems to be getting worse as time passes, and Lupe Almaraz continues to do nothing. Inaction is an action.


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