Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DLSE effed up again, but is that really news?

Once again [no news here], the DLSE is having to justify incompetent people placed in positions of disservice to the public. Vicky Bradshaw kicks her minion John Rea, who kicks his minion Lupe Almaraz, who kicks his minion David Dorame. This is the same David Dorame who was previously protected and sheltered by Jose Millan, but we all know what happened to Jose Millan & his batch of groupies making illegal propaganda videos for the Governator. So now that Dorame is no longer protected by Millan, he's left to twist in the wind.

These are bits from Susan Ferriss' article from the Sacramento Bee, published on Monday the 24th of April: in 2004, DLSE conducted 5,796 investigations that contained 113 overtime and 81 minimum wage citations. The EEEC task force created by the Governator, Vicky Bradshaw and her pretards issued 9-12 overtime or minimum wage citations in 205 'sweeps,' word play for 'investigations.' $5,500,000 for this EEEC task force that has 55 employees, pulled mainly from other areas & departments. $5.5 million, in exchange for Dean Fryer's excuse making, once again, as to why his agency flunkies are currently still conducting audits on businesses investigated yet audits not completed and subsequent citations not issued. Don't worry folks, he said that updates with detailed explanations are coming soon! Where have we heard that before?

Assemblyman Paul Koretz (D-West Hollywood) hit the nail right on the head; the EEEC crew picks the low-hanging fruit, like issuing workers compensation citations, but the really hard stuff is best left to someone else, like no one assigned to the EEEC! What Paul needs to understand is that the Executive Pretards hand-picked the middle management pretards, who then selected those invitation-only employees to join the EEEC. Now, the DLSE is desperately trying to add another layer of middle management to the EEEC. Lupe Almaraz wants a Deputy Labor Commissioner IV in between him (Deputy Chief) and David Dorame (Deputy Labor Commissioner III). Adding another layer of incompetence will not fix the problem. Not only do they not know the answers, but they don't have a handle on the questions. But then again, this is what makes the desk monkeys so special! If we can't fix the problem with 3 monkeys, well then the problem can certainly be solved with four monkeys! Who took that logics class?


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