Thursday, June 22, 2006

Keep sticking that hand in the fire, and it's the same result

Part One
If you think this is an official DLSE website, then you are a moron: this is their website-
If the moron will care to notice, there is a 'dot' CA and a 'dot' GOV at the end of the internet address.
This blog has quite a different web address ending-
Please have the moron take note: the 'dot' COM-thus neither indicating government nor remotely official.
Part Two
I'm not a big fan of idiot posturing or chest-thumping; it wastes time: make your play and be done with it. The First Ammendment of the US Constitution is here and the last time I checked, was still in play. While DLSE management may not enjoy their laundry aired in this forum, they are a general-fund agency that is paid for by the People of California. They have two choices: clean up the DLSE on their own, or receive outside assistance. Their track-record of cleaning up their own messes isn't that stellar, and if it takes an outside third party-so be it. That lawyer that they fired awhile back, Miles Locker, will soon address the allegations brought against him in Sacramento in July: let's hope that Paul Koretz (42nd CA Assembly), Kimi Lee (Garment Worker Center), Fabian Nunez, Gloria Romero, the Sacramento Bee, and the Los Angeles Times take a seat in that 5-day hearing.
Part Three
If one wants to look to the future, all one really needs to do is look to the past. Every unjustified/unfair DLSE action taken against me has been fought, so what are the chances of me fighting an unjust termination? The DLSE wants me gone: duh. Forget about the smartest way to do it [not within their brain power]; what's the least painful way to do it? Terminating me is a temporary solution to a soon-to-be permanent problem. I'm fairly young, so I'll be around for awhile. If they insist on terminating me, then that will give me time to do everything I've wanted to do, like personally visiting my elected officials in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Maybe I'll start doing investigative journalism. Maybe I'll have 12-foot long banners made at Kinkos for $150. Maybe I'll write a story and peddle it to screenwriters; I'll have some time to really, really , really explore all those options and to "think outside the box."
On an unrelated note, IV might have parked and/or driven a state car where it didn't belong, so Greg Rupp wants the Daily Activity Reports for May and June and figure out who else might have been driving where and when they shouldn't have.
VJ stays mainly in his office in LA or spends a noticable amount of time in Lilia's office.


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