Friday, April 21, 2006

Long Beach Wage Claim Office all messed up, Diana Chen playing dress-up

In keeping with the Long Beach Wage Claim Office always trying to make things impossible for the People of California, Victor Jurado and his crew told a Claimant that he had to take the subpoenas that he wanted served [on his employer] over to the Santa Ana office so that the Santa Ana Wage Claim Office could type and return them to the Claimant for proper service of process. Now, this poor citizen lives extremely close to the Long Beach office, and the Santa Ana Office is back-logged with cases (and the Long Beach office has no backlog), so some cases assigned to Santa Ana are sent to be heard in Long Beach. In this case, the Long Beach office is going to hear his case, which is why he was over there! The poor guy goes to the Long Beach office to get the subpoenas processed, and then Long Beach tells him to go back to the Santa Ana office so that they can type and return them. Their rationale? The claim was filed with the Santa Ana office. Never mind that there is no policy coming from Abigael Calva (Regional Manager) or Nance Steffen (Assistant Cheif) on these issues, it's just one small example of an office passing the buck to another office, and who gets screwed? You're right, that California citizen who must now jump through that hoop arbitrarily decided by some other bureaucrat even though there's no policy in place to justify such a directive. Nice job, Victor, way to help out the People of California.

So Chen gets to play dress-up for a couple of days while she and two others interview for open positions. I'm sure that she's very excited at acquiring another state employee that must do her bidding. It's too bad that the potential employee isn't allowed to see her complaint history resume, as that might affect the decision to accept the state's employment offer. Who really wants to work for a tattle-tale, complaint writer that spends her time bitching about toaster ovens and electrical sockets? I mean, really. Word on the street is that Chen wants to go back to the Los Angeles office, but no one wants her there! That means the Santa Ana office is stuck with her.


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