Saturday, April 08, 2006

If anyone has an concern with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, ask to speak to Supervisor Diana Chen

That's right, America. If you, the public, has any type of issue with the way that the DLSE performs its functions that come out of the Santa Ana office, just contact Senior Deputy Labor Commissioner Diana Chen. She will gladly take your complaint and send an email to her bosses and possibly the bosses of other state employees who she does not supervise.
In the event that a complaint she possesses cannot hold enough water, she might fabricate details to give the complaint more weight. In fact, when she complains on her own, she fabricates her own details to make sure that her voice is heard louder than those who make contradict her (this is an old DLSE trick often used by career bureaucrats). Never mind the fact supervisor Chen's inconsistencies are shown to be false, since nothing will be done to her little "embellishments." America, it's important to understand that Susan Nakagama and Greg Rupp approved of her promotion, so any poor observations of Diana Chen would also reflect on the poor selection made by Susan Nakagama and Greg Rupp, and that is just not going to happen.
How does this affect proper and efficient service to the public? Diana Chen spends more time worying about the placement of office furniture than trying to learn the job that she is paid to do. Diana Chen spends more time complaining about nothing than servicing the public. Diana Chen seems to spend vasts amounts of time trying to solidify her complaints about other office employees than trying to help the public. In the end, her complaints fall on deaf ears because there is no merit to those complaints, but all that time, energy, and resource has been wasted. What she has done in the interim was weaken office morale, and any idiot with an MBA can tell you what morale can do to the operational efficiency of any office (not that Diana's boss, Susan Nakagama, has a degree from anything, except maybe from Gardena High School and even that is uncertain). Now that Diana Chen is a thrice-repeated tattle-tale, every office employee must carefully guard what they say, lest she be hiding around the corner in an attempt to eavesdrop. It really does not matter what other employees say, as Diana Chen will misquote and misconstrue as the message is passed from Diana to Susan. In the end, the public is jammed up because the powers-that-be put the square peg in the round hole for the next 30 years. With our luck, she'll get promoted just like Susan Nakagama and Greg Rupp did.


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